Walk-In Oven heat treats long fluorocarbon shapes


No. 958 is a 500° electrically heated walk-in oven that heat treats long fluorocarbon shapes supported by fixtures on wheels at the customer’s facility.

The workspace measures 36 x 300 x 3-in. A 4,200 cfm, 3-hp recirculating blower provides combination airflow to the workload.

The interior and exterior consist of aluminized steel, and the insulated walls are 4 in. thick; the floors are 2-in thick.

Controls include a digital programming and recording temperature controller, manual reset excess temperature controller with separate contactors plus recirculating blower airflow safety switch  and SCR power controller.


  • integral top mounted heat chamber
  • single door front and rear
  • 2-in. insulated floor with channel guide tracks
  • Two fixture supports with flanged wheels
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