WAT+ Narrow Web Load Cell Sensors


WAT+ series sensors range is a force measurement load cell with a modular architecture that can work with handle pulley or roller for strip, wire, and narrow web applications.


Three different measurements are available by size with size 1 covering the 50N-250N-500N range and size 2 covering the larger 1,000N-2,500N-5,000N range. Engineers can design their own accessories according to any of their special requirements, such as length, surface treatments, pulleys shapes, etc.


The design of the load cell lets users use the same accessories by size, whatever the chosen load range. Advanced research with finite elements calculation made on the internal structure of the cell ensures that the measurement value remains the same whatever the position of the product on a cantilever roller.


  • Highly modular
  • Highly accurate
  • Cost savings
 Load Rating50N250N500N1,000N2,500N5,000N
 Safe Load Limit500% FS300% FS
 Excitation5 to 10V
 Sensitivity~1.6 mV/V~2 mV/V
 Accuracy Class0.3 %FS
 Working Temp50 to 140°F (10 to 60°C)
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