Wire Termination Pins and Receptacles


Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp., Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of new crimp pins and receptacles to our selection of wire termination products. These pins and receptacles are precision-machined to exacting tolerances and gold plated for excellent conductivity and durability. The receptacles are fitted with the high-reliability Mill-Max spring finger contacts. If your application requires dependable, long-lasting crimp wire connections, then these pins and receptacles will fit the bill perfectly.


These crimp pins and receptacles may be used to terminate discrete wires, such as in board-to-board or intra-board connections for power or signal. They are also ideal for use in cable assembly connectors in which they can be insert molded or potted around. With a broad acceptance range of wire sizes (16 to 24 AWG) and mating leads (.022 to .063 in.), this new group of diverse crimp termination products offers flexible solutions for a variety of applications.

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