Zero-Particulate Stainless Steel Pry Bars (Wrecking Bars) Eliminate Contamination


Steritool continues to expand their line of critical industry-specific stainless steel tools with the introduction of their new stainless steel pry bars in three sizes. Designed for applications where contamination from ferrous tools is a critical concern, the bars are manufactured entirely from electropolished 17-4PH stainless steel hex stock, without plating or coating of any kind. The bars are available in lengths of 13.5” (337mm), 16” (400mm), and 18” (450mm), with shaft diameters of 3/8”, 1/2”, and 5/8”, respectively. The company explains that the need for a stainless steel pry bar is a direct response to customer demand from a wide range of industries from food processing plants to architectural stainless steel construction. For applications where ferrous contamination or corrosion can present a problem, the painted or plated carbon steel bars currently available on the market are very poorly suited. Steritool President Stephen Rountree explains, “Tools have one purpose: to allow work to be more effective while minimizing damage to equipment. The design concept behind Steritools™ is to meet the rising production standards in many industries and fit the tool to the needs of the industry. Increasingly, it’s no longer a viable option for industries to adapt a process to existing, sometimes centuries-old, technology. Compensating for inadequate or inappropriate tools-- tools that may actually contaminate production-- won’t cut it in today’s critical industries. That’s not less work, that’s more.”
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