Compact Fluorescent Lamp


The ultimate goal of any shatter- resistant compact fluorescent lamp is the ability to survive accidental impact without compromising safety.  Will the safety coating contain the broken glass, phosphors and mercury, or will it spell disaster?  Shat-R-Shield, the originator of the protective lighting industry, provides the solution for the market’s most reliable shatter-resistant CFL’s.   “We determined the thin safety coatings on competing CFL’s looked nice, but they didn’t pass our rigorous drop-testing procedures,” said SRS product manager Don Cattoni.  “As a countermeasure, our CFL’s feature a slightly thicker safety coating, an optically clear non-yellowing silicone formula, and a new manufacturing process.”

The additional silicone coverage provides more structural support for fragile glass tubing without hindering lamp performance and lumen output.  SRS compact fluorescents pass the drop test better than any safety-coated CFL on the market.  The introductory line of Shat-R-Shield spiral CFL’s feature reduced wattages, longer life, and lower utility costs.  They are offered in three popular models (14, 19, and 23 watts).  A full line of safety-coated integrated, non-integrated, tubular, and spiral CFL’s is now available from Shat-R-Shield.    

Shat-R-Shield lighting products meet safety regulations in the US, Canada, and Mexico (including FDA, OSHA, ASME, and CFIA).  


  • feature reduced wattages
  • thicker safety coating
  • optically clear non-yellowing silicone formula
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