CFX Series Clamp


Providing strain relief for cables and pneumatic hoses in e-chain cable carriers, the CFX series clamp features pneumatic double tubs, blue inserts that enclose the hoses from top and bottom. It eliminates time-consuming testing of the tightening torque, and it is mechanically impossible to accidentally apply too much pressure and damage the hose.


When turning the screw of the clamp, the jaw does not press directly on the surface of the hose, but on the upper insert of the stacker saddle. When it hits the lower insert, the optimum holding force will be automatically achieved, and the hose will sit securely in position.


  • High holding force due to "all-round grip"
  • The cross section of pneumatic hoses is fully retained
  • Increased holding strength
  • No crushing of the hoses, and therefore no loss of hose length
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