EDG5 Optimizes Cycle Time and Surface Finish


The EDG5 is a highly capable, low-cost solution for PCD, carbide (HM), and HSS tool manufacture and resharpening. Optimized for micro to large PCD drills, endmills, and profile tools, it is a versatile platform with an integrated direct-driven dual erosion and grinding spindle, allowing for great flexibility.


Featuring the ANCA Motion SparX Erosion Generator for control of the EDG (Electro Discharge Grinding) process, the EDG5 delivers unsurpassed cycle time and surface finish results on even the hardest materials. With the ToolRoom suite of dedicated PCD erosion software, including ballnose, corner radius, drill, and profile cycles, the ANCA EDG5 delivers great value for PCD tool manufacturing.


The Motion SparX Erosion Generator uses the latest best-in-class Gallium Nitride (GaN) Semiconductor power electronics for wide-bandgap switching speeds. When compared to equivalent componentry, the mega-amp per pulse technology enables users to broaden the power range they can access and use. The Motion SparX Erosion Generator exhibits superior performance over the range of extra-heavy roughing to ultra-fine finishing operations, using Nano and Pico-pulse technology for high energy-density ablation. This enables easy controllability, providing users with optimized feed rates, superior surface quality, and reduced cycle times. This pulse precision allows erosion that ranges from ultra-low energy pulses for exceptional ultra-fine finishing to high energy pulses for fast material removal.


  • Latest Technology: ANCA Motion SparX Erosion Generator
  • Hybrid Machining: 12kW double-ended erode/grind spindle
  • Lights-Out Automation: ANCA FastLoad automation package for increased productivity
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