KNUTH Machine Tools USA, a leading manufacturer of machine
tool equipment, introduces the new 2010 catalog with now lower pricing. Featuring more
innovative machine tool equipment than ever before, Knuth Machine Tools has raised the
bar by offering more versatile and robust machining and fabricating equipment while still
providing competitive pricing.
New machine highlights from the Knuth 2010 catalog include the powerful BeamCenter
CNC for structural steel drilling and sawing; the unsurpassed Quantamill 800 a five-axis,
gantry-type CNC machining center; the high-performance Unicenter VHBZ 1100 a
combination CNC horizontal and vertical machining center; and the robust Multiturn a
four-axis lathe and milling center. Whether you are looking for a basic drill press, saw,
mill or grinding machine or are currently in the market for a CNC center for beam
construction or vigorous machining center, Knuth Machine Tools offers everything to
meet your tooling or prototyping needs at economic pricing.
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