Ethernet/IP Laser Distance Product Solves Industrial Ethernet Distance Measurement Applications


The new Ethernet/IP enabled LE-200 laser distance measurement solution from TR Electronic provides a new choice of interface for overcoming challenging, longer-distance applications where traditional technology cannot deliver.  
Laser-based devices have traditionally been implemented with high-speed interfaces such as SSI or fieldbus technologies to provide the necessary response time for precision measurement. TR Electronic has developed an Ethernet/IP solution to complement its DeviceNet offering, providing a clear migration path for those customers looking to maintain their control hardware platform.  The LE-200 is also available with Profibus and CAN interfaces.  The Ethernet/IP laser is a standard product and is available with various operating distances as well as cooling and heating options for the most extreme environments. 
With a laser-based system, the emitter/receiver is positioned opposite a target (either a flat, clean surface or a specific reflective target) and as the distance between the two is varied, the position is evaluated and a corresponding value is transmitted from the device to the control system. Either the laser device, or its reflector, is fixed and the other end will move relative to it, depending on location of available power and control system wiring. 
For common positioning applications including loop control, coil diameter measurement, automated warehousing, level and material control in silos, crane positioning and general material handling of parts or containers over large scanning distances, the LE-200 with Ethernet/IP allows for a seamless transition towards next generation communications in the industrial automation industry.
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