Hollow Shaft Encoder


Baumer has introduced the high performance HS35S Sin/Cos Encoder to its family of incremental hollow shaft encoders. Ideal for motor and drive control in a range of heavy duty industries and harsh environments, this encoder's ultra-precise optical scanning system delivers unrivaled Sin/Cos 1 V P-P output for exact positioning systems with absolute accuracy to  60 arc seconds at a very high dynamic frequency. The HS35S series is the first of it kind, offering 1024, 2048 or 5000 Sinusoids per revolution, and harmonic distortion of better than 1%. The patented low harmonic technology provides best-in-class output with extremely low levels of analog distortion. Baumer's HS35 family of encoders include the fully programmable HS35P and the fixed HS35F for exact positioning and speed control applications. 

Available with IP67 housings for wet environments, these extremely rugged encoders withstand shocks up to 200g, high-pressure cleaning, and ambient temperatures from -40°F to +212°F.  The heavy-duty standard housing features a durable, powder-coated casting that withstands long-term exposure to harsh environments without corroding. With dual shaft seals, sealed lifetime bearings, and available shaft cover, the HS35 easily withstands outdoor and wash-down applications. Available accessories include tethers, dust caps, mechanical protective covers, and shaft adapter inserts. Baumer HS35 encoders are available in shaft sizes from 0.25 to 1.0 inches and can be customized using unique shaft inserts. The isolated shaft system protects bearings from pitting and wear caused by shaft eddy currents coming from the motor. HS35 encoders feature a ShaftLock system, and large diameter ABEC5-rated bearings provide better than 60 arcsec output accuracy. HS35 encoders are designed for use in oil and gas, wind power, food and beverage processing, metalworking, printing, packaging, material handling, solar/PV module manufacturing, textile processing, and wood/lumber processing applications. These encoders are also well suited for use in heavy equipment such as cranes, hoists, elevators, and service vehicles.


  • absolute accuracy to  60 arc seconds
  • harmonic distortion of better than 1%
  • withstand shocks up to 200g
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