IMTS 2016: Automatic Optical Surface Inspection in One Pass


Jenoptik Automotive at IMTS Booth E-5536 will introduce the IPS 400 for rapid optical surface inspection of flat machined surfaces. In seconds, the system provides a map of critical surfaces of such machined parts as crank cases, cylinder heads, and valve bodies – critical production parts where surface condition is essential to effective sealing and economical functioning.

The system detects common surface defects including burrs, pores, hit marks, and scratches on machined surfaces with ease and accuracy using Jenoptik's innovative optical technology. The system generates the surface image while in motion at high traverse speeds. The inspection area is 400 mm wide, 800 mm long.  High speed scanning – 3 seconds over 500mm –  assures short inspection cycles and immediate evaluation of part surface condition, alerting management to product quality and manufacturing process capability.

Utilizing state of the art CMOS imaging technology, the IPS 400 continuously scans the part surface at high speed, creating a viewable image of the entire machined surface.

Also from Jenoptik, the IPS 100 bore inspection sensor system provides in a rapid, single pass automatic surface inspection of bores from 75-110 mm diameter, instantly providing a 360-degree panoramic view. The sensor permits detention of surface defects such as blow holes, scratches, porosities and more on bores from 75 mm to 110 mm diameter, to any depth.  Typical applications include engine blocks, transmission cases, connecting rods, steering gear cases, and cylinder liners.


Booth E-5536

IPS 400:

  • Inspection Area: 400 mm wide, 800 mm long. 
  • Scan Speed: 3 seconds over 500mm 

IPS 100:

  • Inspection Area: 75-110 mm bore diameter
  • Detection: blow holes, scrapes, porosities, etc. from 75 to 110 mm diam.
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