In-Sight 2800 Series Vision System


Automating error detection in minutes, the In-Sight 2800 series vision system combines deep learning and traditional vision in an easy-to-use package. In-Sight’s EasyBuilder interface guides users through the application development process step-by-step, making it simple for even new vision users to set up any job. The intuitive, point-and-click interface simplifies more complex application development and keeps operations moving fast.


The combination of deep learning and traditional vision tools gives users the flexibility to solve a broad range of inspection applications - operators simply select the tool designed to deliver the highest possible accuracy for their task. Tools can be used individually for simple jobs or chained together for more complex logic sequences.


The toolset also includes ViDi EL Classify. Using as few as five images, this powerful classifying tool can be trained to identify and sort defects into different categories and correctly identify parts with variation.


The In-Sight 2800 system also offers a wide variety of accessories and field-changeable components to help users adapt quickly to changes such as new parts, faster line speeds, and higher quality standards.


  • Increase product quality: Catch small, subtle defects with optimized error detection
  • Maximize operational efficiency: Leverage your existing workforce and keep your lines running with fast, intuitive job setup
  • Streamline integration: Take the guesswork out of image optimization, and identify the correct combination of accessories in a few button clicks

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