iWAREHOUSE Location System


iWAREHOUSE RTLS (iW.RTLS), a real-time location system, reinforces facility rules and supports proper lift truck operation by slowing a Raymond lift truck down or bringing it to a controlled stop within a facility’s defined zones. iW.RTLS is a patented technology that uses ultrawideband (UWB) to determine positions of tags on lift trucks and pedestrian badges and is accurate to within approximately 3 feet, based on the tag’s relative position to the anchors in fixed locations around the warehouse.


Using geofencing and zoning capabilities, iW.RTLS helps keep lift trucks, operators, and pedestrians in the right place at the right time. Zones can be created around pedestrian areas or busy intersections and will notify lift truck operators that they are in predetermined zones with objects of concern. Zones can also be created around facility environments, such as creating keep-in/keep-out zones to notify operators of height-restricted areas, freezer areas, very narrow aisles, and indoor and outdoor areas.


Working in conjunction with the iWAREHOUSE telematics solution, this technology equips facility managers with increased visibility across an entire operation. Benefits include the ability to identify high-traffic areas of congestion for enhanced route optimization, summarized zone violations to reinforce operator training, visualization of impacts, locations of locked-out equipment, location of frequent idle time, and the ability to reduce unproductive hours by increasing operating efficiency and accuracy.

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