Nimble power gets things moving


Lift Products first new Moto-Tugger™ will be delivered next month marking the company’s first entry into the market for such equipment.  The compact electric tugger will offer several unique features that will separate it in a market dominated by traditional larger propane models.
Tuggers, or tow carts as they are sometimes called, are used in a wide variety of industries to tow groups of carts or equipment that are simply too time consuming, heavy, or awkward for workers to move unassisted.  By offering a new easy to use compact design, Lift Products seeks to expand the use of such equipment and their accompanying productivity and safety benefits.
Strong and small is the name of the game for the Moto-Tugger™.  With a powerhead only 24” x 18”, the unit provides a towing capacity of 1,500lbs. An impressive feat given that this is an impressive ten times its own weight.  In addition Lift Products new unit features solid state variable controls, regenerative braking, and a quick hitch system that allows the unit to hook up and disengage from its load in a matter of seconds by the push of a button.


• Model:MC-TG-1 • TowCapacity:1,500lbs. • Drive:Transaxle • BatteryType:SealedLead/Acid • SplashProofElectronics • Size:24X18.75X41.6 • Weight:150lbs.
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