Non-Slip Fabric


A new non slip fabric for designers of virtually any product requiring a grippy surface that looks good, is washable, and highly abrasion resistant is being introduced. Eastex Slip-Not™ Anti-Abrasion Grip material features a random size dot pattern and a soft, supple texture that looks like a powder-coat finish and provides a sure grip.  Suitable for use in a wide range of finished products requiring a grippy surface, it can be supplied with an adhesive on the back or laminated to other materials and performs well in wet or dry conditions.

Easily fabricated into finished products, Eastex Slip-Not™ Anti-Abrasion Grip material can be sewn and sonic- or RF welded.  Supplied as 54” wide by 0.7mm thick rolls, this PVC coated fabric is available in black and several earthtone colors.  It exhibits >12,000 Taber Test Revolutions, is washable, waterproof, and -40°F cold crack tested per ASTM D 2136.

Eastex Slip-Not™ Anti-Abrasion Grip material is priced according to construction and quantity.  Free evaluation samples and price quotations are available upon request.


  • Free evaluation samples
  • washable
  • highly abrasion resistant
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