OTTO OMEGA Game-Changing Lift Truck


OTTO OMEGA has been discontinued. Take a look at the newer version, OTTO Lifter.

2019 NED Innovation Award Winner

For industrial engineers and operations professionals who need to reduce material handling costs, increase process throughput, and improve plant safety, OTTO OMEGA is an easy, safe, and reliable automated lift truck for busy factories and warehouses. Unlike traditional automated forklifts, OMEGA is the only lift truck able to react to changes on the factory floor in real time and move around obstacles to ensure deliveries happen on time, every time.


With powerful AI at its core, OTTO OMEGA learns new skills and jobs with every software update. The vehicle receives orders, reports on its status, and notifies human operators of issues in real time.


OMEGA specializes in two jobs: autonomous floor-to-floor deliveries and semi-autonomous mode where workers can take over complex loading or unloading tasks. The truck can pick up and drop off skids fully autonomously, receive items to be put away, deliver parts to lineside, cross dock, transport dunnage, and more. In semi-autonomous mode, it collaborates with workers who can seamlessly take over to manage loading and unloading pallet deliveries, including onto trailers and racks.

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