RealWear Marketplace, RealWear Connect for Maintenance


RealWear App Marketplace is a platform that houses applications for professionals using RealWear devices. Users can choose from a host of purpose-built apps to enhance productivity and safety while giving management powerful tools to support their teams. Additionally, the Marketplace also benefits the developer community and partners who are looking to market their apps to the targeted RealWear customer. Each app that is submitted undergoes a thorough testing and verification process to ensure that it adheres to RealWear standards for UX.


RealWear Connect, an app found exclusively within the marketplace, makes it easy to get help for workers and allows central operations teams to manage support requests more efficiently. When a support call is initiated by the frontline team wearing the RealWear device, the app triggers notifications within text or email, or in-app notifications in Teams or Zoom, connecting a worker to an expert in seconds. Once connected, the expert can see what the worker sees and guides them through trouble-shooting or maintenance.


The software is available on the marketplace for use on RealWear devices with supported firmware and Teams or Zoom apps. The app subscription is available for purchase exclusively via authorized resellers.

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