Smart Function Kit for Handling


Performing handling tasks mechatronically, the Smart Function Kit for Handling can save users a great amount of time when engineering multi-axis systems for a quick return on investment with fully digitalized handling solutions.


The kit can be used in a variety of areas, such as production handling, machine assembly, and packaging. Pick-and-place tasks can be performed quickly and cost-effectively, as a Cartesian multi-axis system for packages of different sizes, weights, and formats. The plug-and-produce approach also speeds up the commissioning process considerably.


With just a few clicks and minimal engineering work, users can determine exactly which system is suitable for their needs. The data from LinSelect can be carried over to the configurator for complete system design.


The preinstalled software saves time and labor when commissioning and integrating the subsystem. The entire system is automatically parametrized. Open interfaces allow the system to be connected to various controllers, and intuitive, graphical operation via a web-based HMI reduces installation times.


In addition to the preassembled multi-axis system, which includes a motor, cable and all attached parts, a suitable Rexroth ctrlX servo drive and controller is included in the package. Engineering and runtime apps are also preinstalled.


  • Single or multi-axis system, CKK & CKR linear modules sizes 090-200, MKR sizes 065-110, and the necessary connection elements
  • Automation hardware (servo drive, control unit and servo motor)
  • Browser based WEB HMI for commissioning, process configuration, operation, and process analysis
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