Statshield® Metal-in Green ESD Shielding Bag


Protektive Pak now offers STATSHIELD® Metal-In green ESD shielding bags. Green bags provide easy identification of lead-free assemblies and components in the manufacturing process. These bags are appropriate ESD packaging for lead-free RoHS products. The bags have integral antistatic, low-tribocharging properties and are printed with ESD protective symbol, RoHS compliant lead-free symbol, manufacturer name, and date/lot code for traceability. The bags meet ANSI/ESD S20.20 and MIL-PRF-81705D Type III and are RoHS compliant. Bag film thickness is 3.1mil. The buried metal layer is not susceptible to scratching. 40% light transmission allows easy identification of bag contents. Large 3/8” wide seals offer high-performance interior sealing layer. Polycarbonate compatible. Contains no amines or N-octanic acid. Twelve stock bag sizes are available from 4”x6” to 18”x24”. Custom sizes and custom printing are available.


• Surface Resistance: • Outer Surface <10E11 ohms • Aluminum Layer <10E2 ohms • Inner Surface <10E11 ohms • Static Shielding <25 nJ • Charge Generation Teflon: 0.09 nC/sq. in. • Quartz: 0.01 nC/sq. in. • Capacitance Probe (to dissipate 1 KV) <30V • Bag Thickness: • Thickness Nominal .0030” (.0762mm) ±10% • Width (Inside Dimensions) Nominal -0” / + .125” • Length (Inside Dimensions) Nominal ± .125” • Light Transmission (%) >40% (Tobias) • Heat Seal (lbs/in) >10 • Seam Strength Pass • Tear Strength (lbs) >25 • Puncture Resistance (lbs) >10 • MVTR (gms / 100 in2 • / 24 hrs, 100°F) <0.40 • OTR (cc / 100 in2 • / 24 hrs) <6.1 • Abrasion Resistance >100 cycles • Outgassing Pass • Non-corrosive Pass
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