Time Capsule: Optimizing Robot Fleets


Time Capsule gives engineering and operations staff greater insights into their robot fleets. The latest upgrade to the SaaS platform captures critical data needed to understand robot autonomy exceptions, giving users the ability to “turn back time” to understand where the failures occurred and enabling them to improve productivity. Time Capsule, along with additional user interface improvements, is immediately available for new and existing InOrbit customers.


By capturing the data and presenting it in an integrated dashboard, Time Capsule gives roboticists an easy-to-use, interactive visualization for root cause analysis. This leads to a greater understanding of performance, which is critically important with autonomous robots to drive continuous improvement.


InOrbit customers can now arrange and display robot data for various roles, based on the context needed to get their job done. For instance, an executive can access key performance indicators about the overall fleet performance. Meanwhile, a roboticist can configure the right data sources and visualizations, and a robot operator can see detailed robot status. Each company or user can customize their views based on the data that they need.


Another key area of improvement is the ability to get situational awareness about a robot. This includes understanding a robot’s position on a map, seeing through its multiple cameras, visualizing other sensor data such as a point cloud generated by LIDAR, and ultimately tracking the robot’s movement. Should the robot get mislocalized, intuitive tools can fix the problem in seconds. And if the robot needs a gentle nudge to go back to operating autonomously, InOrbit provides the tools to set it on the right path.

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