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Hole Cutting Tools
Jobber-length drills are the most common type of drill. The length of the flutes is ten times the diameter of the drill bit, meaning they will drill a hole that is 10D deep. Self-starting step drill bits offer a unique tip design which eliminates not only skidding, but also the need for center punching.


Jobber Length Drill Bits and Step Drill Bits
All jobber length drill bits and step drill bits have split points and come in two different materials:

Drill Bit Kits
Drill bit kits are available for step drill bits and jobber length drill bits.

Machine Thread Taps
High speed steel machine thread taps are available in nine sizes.

Knockout Punches/ Metal Punches
Electrical knockout punch hole cutting tools include metal punch, die and draw bolt.

New! ... Multi-Purpose, Bi-Metal Hole Saws
These multi-purpose hole saws have an alloy steel jacket and cutting edges of either high speed steel (HSS) or high speed steel Cobalt 8 (Co 8).
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