Experion HALO Operator Advisor


2022 NED Innovation Award Finalist

As part of Honeywell's Workforce Excellence portfolio, HALO Operator Advisor is a timely response to several industry trends, including the global desire for post-COVID-19 preparedness and resilience, growing operational complexity, the aging industrial workforce, and the need to upskill next-generation recruits.


This software solution enables plant owners to objectively measure gaps and drive operator effectiveness. This market-first solution presents users—including oil & gas, chemical, refining, and petrochemical organizations—with a consolidated scorecard of enterprise automation utilization and recommended steps to address performance-related gaps.


Honeywell's solution uses machine learning-powered analytics, a type of artificial intelligence, to gather insights from enterprise data sources such as distributed control systems and funnel those insights into dashboards. These dashboards can provide operations managers and supervisors with a clear and complete view of operator performance and improvement opportunities.


By understanding how operator actions, inactions, and workload levels contribute to optimal production, organizations can develop targeted training programs, make strides toward autonomous operations and build process resilience.


Honeywell data reveals the transformational impact HALO Operator Advisor can have on plant operations. Potential benefits include the reduction of 75% of incidents and human errors, leading to the recovery of $1.5 million annually per plant of production loss due to worker performance; a $2 million annual reduction in operational costs by optimizing worker productivity and training and advancing toward full autonomous plant operation; a $1.3 million annual savings in headcount through optimized production; and a $1 million savings in annual maintenance costs through improved equipment reliability.

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